Limbaugh Hits Romney For Outsourcing Grandchildren Creation

Rush Limbaugh has never been one to hide his distaste for Mitt Romney. But today he turned up the volume when he attacked Romney for outsourcing the birth his newly minted grandchildren—twin boys delivered by surrogate to Romney’s oldest son Tagg and his wife Jen.

Mitt and Ann Romney pose with new grandchildren and surrogate mother whom they identified simply as “Melissa.”

Mitt and Ann Romney pose with new grandchildren and surrogate mother whom they identified simply as “Melissa.”

“Not only do these surrogate births defy the official handbook of the Mormon Church,” Limbaugh said, “it means one less job for another American woman.”

When pointed out to Limbaugh that the surrogate mother was in fact an American citizen, he angrily replied that that doesn’t change the fact that the most highly regarded job in America—mother—had been shamefully outsourced. “Every mother in America should be outraged by this,” said Limbaugh.

While not condemning Limbaugh, Romney presidential campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom acknowledged that the outsourcing of any job in this economy is a touchy issue. “We understand Rush’s concern for the job of motherhood,” he said. “But it’s important to realize the difference between birthing and mothering.”

He said what the Romneys did falls into the birthing category and that many circumstances today still warrant the outsourcing of this function. He cited the time commitment necessary for activities such as dressage and bridge. Not to mention the weight gain, labor and general ickiness of the birthing process.

Limbaugh was unappeased. But exactly why he would choose this moment in time to criticize Romney—when Romney has all but sewn up the GOP presidential nomination—is inexplicable. Many pundits believe that the controversial radio talk show host is trying to regain his good standing with American women after squandering it in March. It was then that he attacked Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law School student, calling her a “slut” and “prostitute” because she testified before a Congressional committee that health insurance should cover contraception.

In any case, this was the second time that Tagg and Jen Romney have used a surrogate. The same surrogate was employed for the manufacture of their son Jonathan, who was born in August of 2010. Their three other children were not born via surrogacy. This apparently infuriated Limbaugh. “Why now,” he said, “when the Romneys clearly had the capability for child creation in house?” Limbaugh also said he had email proof that the Romney clan planned to use surrogacy to create “thousands” of moderate Republicans who would be eligible to vote in primaries as early as 2030.

Fehrnstrom again attempted to turn Limbaugh’s criticism into a positive. “With five sons and 18 grandchildren, the governor’s record on child creation is unimpeachable,” he said. What’s more, Romney favors lowering taxes for surrogates. “Mitt is 14.2% opposed to a punitive tax rate on the nation’s child creators.”

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    Think of all the nannies who will have jobs now!

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