Romney Claims To Have Hard Evidence Of Obama Apology Tour

One of more than three dozen unauthenticated photos that the Romney campaign says proves the existence of an official Obama Apology Tour.

One of more than three dozen unauthenticated photos that the Romney campaign says proves the existence of an official Obama Apology Tour.

Richmond—Campaigning in Virginia today, Mitt Romney took his attack against what he had previously called President Obama’s “disgraceful” handling of the volatile and tragic situation in Libya and Egypt to a new level. And this time the Republican presidential nominee had ammunition to back up his position: a stack of 8 x 10 glossy photos which allegedly came from an unnamed source inside the Pentagon whom Romney said had the highest clearance for classified military intelligence.

“As I said a few days ago, issuing an apology for America’s values is never the right course,” Romney said with resolve. “I do not believe, as the Obama administration clearly does, in sympathizing with those who wage heinous attacks against innocent Americans.”

As he spoke Romney presented photographs of several drones that not only bore the words “Obama Apology Tour,” but also the un-American phrase “I’m sorry” written in Arabic. Furthermore, Romney said his campaign had interviewed “Mark Owen,” the Navy SEAL who authored the controversial book No Easy Day, which detailed the mission that took the life of Osama bin Laden, a mission that, according to one poll, 15% of Ohio Republicans believe Romney planned.

Owen, on the other hand, knew the order to kill bin Laden came from President Obama himself. However, what infuriated him was that Obama, via Naval command, specifically ordered him to say “my bad” the moment he put a bullet in bin Laden’s head.

Another SEAL claimed that, prior to the mission, he was told that he should consider himself an ambassador of American values while in Abbottabad and that he should be on his best behavior at all times. That apparently included being polite and apologetic as he unloaded his weapon into bin Laden’s son Khalid on a staircase in the building where his father was also hiding. “I was specifically ordered to say ‘oops’ when I fired my weapon,” he said. “Frankly, it was kind of embarrassing.”

Romney presidential campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom said that the testimony of the SEALs alone should be enough to confirm that President Obama is the worst kind of apologist. Neville Chamberlain on steroids, he said. “American foreign policy,” Fehrnstrom continued, “means never having to say you’re sorry.”

But the Romney campaign refused to say whether or not the photos of the drones had been authenticated by the Air Force, or if the statements of the Navy SEALs had been corroborated. “You’re just going to have to trust us on this, “Fehrnstrom said.

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