After His Outrageous 47% Remarks, Romney Faces A Big FU

Freeloaders United, a group spawned by Mitt Romney’s 47% remarks, already boasts 130 million Twitter followers.

Freeloaders United, a group spawned by Mitt Romney’s 47% remarks, already boasts 130 million Twitter followers.

Highland Park, TX—In the aftermath of his damaging remarks to potential donors at a Boca Raton fundraiser, Mitt Romney has avoided campaigning in battleground states and instead has retreated to the red state of Texas. Friendly territory? Apparently not. Turns out it’s harder than Romney thought to avoid the 47% of Americans, roughly 150 million people, whom he disdainfully dismissed as self-proclaimed victims—shiftless freeloaders dependent on the federal government for survival.

In fact the Romney rally at the strikingly beautiful Spanish Colonial-style town hall in Highland Park seemed to be populated by more Obama supporters than those still loyal to the besieged former Bain CEO. Dominant among the anti-Romney forces was a group that identified itself as Freeloaders United. Many in the group wore black t-shirts or held signs that bore only the letters FU.

“Nobody in this country deserves a big FU more than Mitt Romney,” said David Sparks, FU’s founder. A local small businessman, Sparks was quick to express his gratitude to the federal government for an SBA loan which he said helped his hardware store expand last year. The growth allowed Sparks to make six new hires so far, all well-paid positions, he said.

While FU began just days ago in the wake of Romney’s 47% remarks, Sparks said his organization’s Twitter account—@47FU—already has 138 million followers. “That’s not quite the entire 47% of America,” he said with a modest shrug. “So we still have a ways to go.”

Sparks, 46, said he used to be a Republican, but seeing the party veer further and further to the right over the past two decades, and especially during the last four years, drove him to think. “To put it in Romney-esque terms,” he said, “those 47% remarks were the chocolate shavings on top of the crème brulee.” He said when the GOP party leader is too dumb to know he’s insulting his own base, it’s time to give that party a big FU.

Romney presidential campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom dismissed the FU protestors as a “fringe element,” representing only a small part of the US population. He also defended Romney’s controversial, caught-on-video remarks with an odd contradiction. “Everywhere we go now, we get heckled,” he said. “It’s obvious who the real victims are here.”

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    This is realy, really funny, and not an offensive word in sight. Unfortunately the only remarks I can think of on the subject are not funny, so I will stop now.

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    Thanks so much for your kind words. And, trust me, many is the time I have to restrain myself as well! BTW, please share my blog with anyone else you feel might enjoy it. Thanks!

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    if only there was such a twitter feed i would love to follow it!

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    I’ll have to see what I can do about that, Jessica. I’ll keep you posted!

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