Wisconsin Republicans Torn About Voting For Ryan Only Once

Wisconsin Republicans face dilemma over how to cast their one vote for native son Paul Ryan—as Vice President or US Congressman.

Wisconsin Republicans face dilemma over how to cast their one vote for native son Paul Ryan—as Vice President or US Congressman.

Green Bay—Paul Ryan may be Wisconsin’s favorite son to many Republicans and that’s precisely why so many are torn about how to vote in the upcoming November election. Ryan’s name will appear on the ballot as a GOP Vice Presidential candidate, which has become a huge source of pride for Republican conservatives. But his name will also appear as a candidate for re-election to the US House of Representatives. And therein lies the dilemma.

“From what I remember from my third grade civics class,” said Ryan supporter Mack Copper, “I can only vote once. And that to me is a real tragedy.” Copper said he wished there was some way to fulfill the old political dictum “Vote early — and often,” alternately attributed to gangster Al Capone and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. However, unlike many in the GOP, he didn’t feel he was above the law. Copper also admitted that he slept through most of his civics classes.

Marcus T. Leghorn, 65, echoed Copper’s feelings. “Paul Ryan’s a fine, fine guy,” he said. “And if I had my way, I’d vote for him three times!” Unlike Copper, Leghorn said that the schools he attended never taught civics, at least not to his recollection. But he nevertheless managed to get up to speed on voting rights and wrongs by listening to Sarah Palin’s “How Our Government Doesn’t Supposed To Work” on his iPod. He says he’ll probably vote for Ryan for Vice President because he feels Ryan will be able to wield more power as second in command than as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Thus far, the Wisconsin Democratic Party has largely kept silent on the difficult issue facing the state’s Republicans. But Ron Zerban, who is running against Ryan for Congress, had this to say: “Look, it’s not every day a Wisconsinite gets a major party nomination for Vice President of the United States. And I, for one, would be thrilled for Paul if Wisconsin Republicans used their one vote to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.”

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker called Zerban’s bipartisan attitude “highly commendable” and said if more Democrats in Washington shared it, there would be no more gridlock. “It’s really nice to see a Democrat willing to put partisan politics aside and country first,” he said. Walker said he planned to cast his one vote for Ryan as VP.

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  1. Joanne Dixon Says:

    This is so nicely written, and, above all, believable. I hope it is widely shared in Wisconsin.

  2. danbbrown Says:

    Thanks, Joanne! That’s my hope, too. That every Republican in Wisconsin reads it.

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