Romney Says 7.8 Unemployment Counts Jobs He Created In China

Chinese factory workers in Beijing express their thanks to Mitt Romney and Bain & Company for creating their jobs.

Chinese factory workers in Beijing express their thanks to Mitt Romney and Bain & Company for creating their jobs.

Richmond—Campaigning in Virginia today, Mitt Romney downplayed the unexpectedly auspicious unemployment report issued on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, calling it misleading, corrupted by bogus data and “not what a real recovery looks like” anyway. Romney claimed the drop from 8.1% to 7.8% happened only because “some junior level pencil pusher” at the BLS inadvertently included 119,000 jobs that he, Governor Romney, created in China through his Bain investments.

In previous months Romney had sought to distance himself from his investments in China, but any downside those dealings have entailed quickly faded with the dramatic appearance of Romney’s now infamous 47% video, which has since become the dominant albatross of the Romney presidential campaign.

“The silver lining of my 47% remarks is that they masked all my tax-evading overseas investment schemes,” Romney explained. “So I figured, what the heck, I’ll jump back in and invest another $10 million in China.” Romney said he invested in a number of factories where the workers live in barracks and are paid 23 cents per day, roughly $84 per year for a 7-day, 52-week work schedule. That translates to 119,047 new jobs, he said.

Romney dismissed right-wing conspiracy theories concerning the 7.8% unemployment figure. Instead he conceded that the report was honest and accurate based on the data collected. “But the data is bad,” he said. Without the Chinese jobs included in the BLS report, the US economy would still be saddled with an 8.1%, possibly an 8.2%, unemployment rate.

Romney presidential campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom softened Romney’s criticism of the BLS, saying the mistake they made was understandable, given that it was American money that created the new jobs. He also said that, as a rule of thumb, any report with an unemployment rate of 8% or above should be taken as accurate while any with a number below 8%, at least prior to the November election, should be considered flawed.

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  1. Naza Says:

    From “Lincoln 64” It is sad, but true. Most of the sheep get their political news from the left leninag media. Mitt sure has a lot of money to get his message out, but he doesn’t have the 2 billion that Obama will have in his war chest to keep the misinformation coming. Poor old Mitt will just have to retire to his California mansion after November.

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